can there be gay chameleons

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  1. Brokaylacham

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    Yoo I just found out I'm going to pride so then I started to wonder If there can be gay chameleons. I think that'd be really cool and I would want one lol. Also If they can be, how would you know?
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  2. Syreptyon

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  3. Brokaylacham

    Brokaylacham Established Member

    But what if they just love with anger. They can both be "bears". Lmao idk would be cool tho
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  4. Brokaylacham

    Brokaylacham Established Member

    Omg im gonna find a gay bearded dragon and we're gonna be best friends omg, thank you for this list !
  5. bloftis1

    bloftis1 Established Member

    Daaaang that would be awesome lol!!! But same lol going to pride as well :D
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  6. nightanole

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    Wow that wiki went down hill. How can you make that long of an article, with over 75 references/sources, when 95% of the references where from 1 book from 1 author "Biological Exuberance". You would have been better off just posting the books as the wiki. Still its interesting just reading up on the history of "Biological Exuberance".
  7. kyle0417

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    I’d hope there aren’t gay chameleons
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  8. Daniel266jz

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    I dont mean to sound rude just stating my opinion. I believe nature has no intentions of making animals gay as they go on instinct to survive and reproduce, so its highly illogical for them to comprehend let alone stray from instinct to be two male partners or females, putting aside those that can become both. I think its just us humanizing them to further help us sympathize with ourselves and make those that prefer opposite sex less rare(although these days not rare) if you feel so , i may be wrong. I just dont think nature works that way. We have a choice because of our conscience and higher thinking we are truly free do do whatever even if defying nature is one( not saying being gay is defying nature just example). They might be doing things that seem gay that we just do not understand yet. More research. Again not pointing this towards anyone or being mean or rude. I just like expressing myself on these matters.
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  9. JacksJill

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    I read something along time ago (so sorry no reference) theoretically homo-sexuallity occurs in animals that group to limit competition between group members and then contributes to the welfare of the groups young. It creates more adult care providers in the group.
  10. Brokaylacham

    Brokaylacham Established Member

    why tho tf
  11. Brokaylacham

    Brokaylacham Established Member

    I have a feeling that anything can be gay gimme a sec
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  12. Brokaylacham

    Brokaylacham Established Member

    Okay so my friend sent me this link to try and help me or something,I was just wondering if they can be gay because of so many other animals that show the behaviors, but anyways, make what you will of this i guess.
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  13. jamest0o0

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    I believe people and some intelligent animals(dolphins for example) tend to be born gay, but I doubt reptiles have that sort of mental complexity.
  14. Brokaylacham

    Brokaylacham Established Member

    maybe lol
  15. CamrynTheCham22

    CamrynTheCham22 Avid Member

    I know that there is one lizard in a desert (I forgot which desert) and their species can reproduce through parthenogenesis, which means a single female can just clone herself instead of mating with a male. The lizard species was reproducing through parthenogenesis so much that all of the males went extinct, because their presence was no longer needed in keeping the species alive. The females still have the instinct to mate though, so they go through all of the practices of mating, but with other females. Not really sure if that classifies as gay, but it is as close as nature can get I think ;)
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  16. makkatfloof

    makkatfloof Member

    I’ve rescued reptiles my whole life and i have never known reptiles to have homosexual tendencies whatsoever. And, like someone mentioned, with chameleons, the males are too aggressive. Like, to the point where they will fight. My ex one time wore a shirt that just resembled male colors and he flat out attacked him, and my boy is not at all aggressive or known to bite and that was the only time he ever did.

    Anyways, many small mammals though have homo tendencies. All of the mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, and hamsters I have had have had gay sex right in front of me. It typically happens though when they are born together and live together their whole lives. Typically, also, like how men in jail have gay sex.
    So basically, they do it out of being desperate to, uh, hump lmao.
  17. bloftis1

    bloftis1 Established Member

    My rabbits used to do that they were both female. They lived together for a while t was interesting lol but I accepted it lol I don’t care.
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  18. Harry The Cham

    Harry The Cham Established Member

    lol that was actually informative I didn’t know small mammals did this
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  19. nightanole

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    Meh chameleons dont like other chameleons. Males dont like female chameleons (other than i think parsons pair bond) other than mating season. They might not be homo or hetero, they pretty much hate each others guts 90% of the year regardless of sex.
  20. Harry The Cham

    Harry The Cham Established Member


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