Can chams hear??


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If I'm listening to my stereo while my cham is sleeping dies it even matter?? Can they hear?
Its doubtful they can pick up much if any airborn sound however they do pickup vibration so ensure your giant subwoofer isnt pounding away nearby, otherwise, happy listening! :D
They can hear some sounds and some of them feel the vibrations.
There have been several threads on this already on this if you do a search for them and can't find them, let me know.
Nighttime is something to think about with the telly though, some chams will get disturbed by lighting, even the telly at night, others dont care much, see how yours reacts, they need shuteye too. :)
^^^ the link you posted is to another thread which links another thread which links another thread! I thought that was funny! :D
Mine likes House music, he crusies all over his cage and hangs from the ceiling like a partyanimal!
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