Can chameleons smell?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lisagr07, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. lisagr07

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    I've had Stanley for 2 years now and I know that h can't hear but can he smell? We've got a second chameleon in the house now and I've just started to wonder if they can smell each other? :eek:
    Thanks,,, Lisa
  2. Flapenn

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    • Chameleons have a poor sense of smell.
    • Chameleons have ears, which are 2 tiny holes (not visible to the eye), which are located near the eyes. They hear vibrations in the air, which help them find food and stay safe from their enemies. They are almost deaf, but can hear tones and feel vibrations. Vision is their best sense!

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  3. lisagr07

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    thanks Flapenn,,,, after 58 views someone has an opinion!!!!!:D
  4. Chris Anderson

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    Unfortunately that site is not exactly correct. Chameleons do not have external ears (the two tiny holes they mention are not there) or tympanic membranes. While their hearing capacity is greatly reduced, they are able to hear some airborne sounds, particularly in certain wavelengths. Some species are also better at hearing than others (Chamaeleo have better hearing than Trioceros, for example). They are also able to detect substrate vibrations, similar to snakes.

  5. Smeagol the Veiled

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    Essential Oil Aromas

    My female veiled is just over a year old and is displaying some odd behaviour. She seems restless lately, climbing high and low, all around her enclosure. She seems to have lost her appetite, refusing greens (which she usually loves) and super worms, which I keep in a plant pot that she can perch on the edge to fish out her chosen dinner. She will climb down, look at them (seemingly in disgust lol, then leave the area). It may be coincidence, but I have been simmering essential oils in water on the stove. I'm wondering if that could be bothering her. I eliminated some that I thought may be an irritant (orange, cinnamon). Lately I have been using a few drops of geranium and a couple drops of ylang-ylang. I do have a bucket of earth for egg laying, located at the bottom of her enclosure. I mist twice or more daily, the temp is good, new bulbs in both uv and heat lamps. Any ideas? :confused:
  6. Carlton

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    Chams have a poor sense of smell, but they are sensitive to airborne irritants which can include the volatiles in essential oils. I treat chams much as I do indoor birds as their respiratory systems are similar. And, volatile oils can leave residues on the room contents including cham cage leaves. Much as I enjoy them, I do not use essential oil diffusers, burn incense, simmer or spray fragrances in the room where my birds or chams live. Maybe in another room instead?

    Still, I would think if her respiratory tract was being irritated by the oils she would be showing respiratory symptoms, not the change in behavior you described. Could she be gravid?
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  7. RyU

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    You can try opening a thread under the Health Clinic section of the forums. Be sure to check out the sticky titled "How to ask for help" and fill out that form. Get some pictures of your cham and her enclosure and we can try to help further. -=)
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    Do they recognize the vibration of your voice?

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