Burn? Infection?


Hello guys.
Need help.
Something happened to my nosy be cham crest.
Don,t know if is a burn or infection.
There are no reptile vets in the area.
And any kind of treatment
Lights and humidity ok
Eating well
Everything seems normal.


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Either a severe burn or a burn that got infected. There is nothing you can do about that, professional medical attention is required.

Put a topical anesthetic until you find the nearest vet. Where do you live?

salty dog

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It's pussosified...... did you not notice this problem before it got the point of septic, you should take up other hobbies like uno or solitaire instead of this!!!
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You don't know if it's a burn? Are you kidding? That poor thing has been roasted alive!

Here's some magic 'forum cream' to make it better.

Take it to a vet, it's a chameleon not a bloody cake where leaving it in the oven too long isn't life threatening.


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Its definitely a burn ( i think now its confirmed by all the community...)

At this point there is no turning back, if you leave it like that he will die (95% of chance of diying now) the burned part need to be removed, he need anti-inflamatory and medication (because the skins look like a bacteria open house) So he need medical assistant. what heat lamp did you use and whats your ambiant temperatures?

For the moment.. you can clean the wound with proviodine and put a silver based cream (everyday.. for the cleaning and the cream) but without vet dont expect the life span to be ok..

i assure your lightening is wrong.. so please fill the help form and post some pictures of the enclosure because for the moment the burn well only get bigger since he sty in the same environement
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Ok, we’ve reached the point that the OP has been roasted just as severely as his Cham. Let’s try to focus on trying to save the Cham now, as unlikely as that may be.

Yes, I actually said that, you can pick your jaws up off the floor now!

@Fofo26 where do you live?
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