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Hi everyone!

I have a male cameleon around 7 months old. He is eating, sleeping, moving around great, but a couple days ago I noticed he had some small bumps forming under his skin. They are even in diameter. They literally seemed to have popped in overnight. They haven’t grown and he hasn’t gotten any new ones. Does anyone know what this could be from? He usually eats meal worms and I clean his cage once a week. I am just concerned where the growth came from. I have seen on here it could be papilloma virus, broken rib cage, or calcium build ups. Just curious if anyone actually knows what’s happening with my boy.


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Welcome to the forum!

The bumps are not papilloma.
They could be broken ribs or calcium build up...but we need more information and a vet visit might be bpneeded to confirm it.

What supplements do you use and how often for each. Please be specific...we're looking for phos, calcium, D3 and what form of vitamin A are in the supplements.

What UVB light are you using? Has it been changed when recommended? Does the chameleon get any direct sunlight?
I have been using this almost everyday since I got him in January. I do let him get direct sunlight almost everyday by the window. I also use a 60 watt uvb bulb.


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Hi. :) So you’re unintentionally overdosing on vitamin D3, which is a fat soluble vitamin and builds up in your chameleon’s body. The results can be just as bad as not giving any D3. The bumps are most likely calcium and once you get your supplementation straightened out, they should eventually decrease and possibly go away. You’ll need to get a phosphorus free calcium without D3 which you’ll use to lightly dust at every feeding. The calcium with D3 that you have been using should be used for just one feeding every other week. Additionally, you’ll need a good multivitamin like ReptiVite without D3 to use also one feeding every other week (alternating weeks with the D3).
The sunlight that is coming thru the window doesn’t provide uvb, as uvb can’t pass thru glass and most objects. You should have a linear T5 ho fixture with either a ReptiSun 5.0 or Arcadia 6% uvb bulb on top of your enclosure and about 8-9” above basking area. This will provide the optimum uvb level of around 3.0 for your chameleon. I would stop using the calcium with D3 for at least a month so your cham can get some of the excess out of his system. Do make sure to provide adequate hydration too, which will also help. A misting of at least 2 minutes early in the day and right before lights out, plus you could add a mid day misting too would be perfect. If you can’t mist mid day, adding a dripper for about 20 minutes will help.
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