BSF for Free in Miami

Hi all!

Does anyone in the Miami area have a cham that likes black soldier flies? I have a bunch of them and probably more that are going to emerge, and my cham decided that he doesn't like them anymore 🙄. I'd be happy to give them away for free to anyone interested. Thanks 😊
Chams do the darnest things - just when you get a full supply of their favorite food - they switch it up and now they hate what was their favorite food and you are left with a bunch of feeders that your Cham will not eat. SMH! I've been there...
He doesn’t even like the flies anymore?
Nope--he did happily eat the flies the time I got them before, and ate a couple of the larvae when I cup fed him but likes neither now. I've tried cup feeding him the larvae, letting the flies loose in his cage, and putting the larvae in his feeder run (he does eat superworms and crickets out of there).
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