Brookesia supersiliarus

The pet store had a cage full of these wild caught. Some had eyes closed and one in the cage was dead... I picked the healthiest looking one and am trying to keep him alive. I have seen him hunt... but I also see him hiding in the leaf litter with his eyes closed. How do I help this guy? The pet store said that all of the chameleons received a dose of a catch-all parasite cure. I have to admit that his poop looks/ smells normal. (ID is from the pet store not from me.)

T5 6% UVB, dipper, fogger all installed. Sphagnum moss, dirt, and loose leaves is the substrate. There are several plants in the cage.


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Oh that breaks my heart , but glad you are trying to help the little guy.. good luck 💚

@Mendez is definitely the person to talk to
You have a male Brookesia superciliaris there. They can be tricky but that one looks to be in great condition. I don't have a full care guide written on them yet but I do have one for B. thieli that is largely applicable. If you PM me I can send it. Also check out this podcast discussing brookesia care, including for B. superciliaris/therezieni. Often the eye closing/dormancy behaviors are due to a lack of humidity. Posting pictures of your setup will also be good. Hope that helps!
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