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What are the issues and have you made a post about it and filled our the health questionnaire?
She's under a year old and it's her first time laying eggs, I'm a brand new cham mom and was just researching answers and what to do. I have prepared a big nesting pot for her, and just letting her do her thing now. I thought I lost her yesterday, she attempted to dig in the potted plant I had in her enclosure and she passed out from exhaustion from moving the plant around I think and she was pale and not moving when I touched her...then she woke up and here I am today just making sure she's okay every two hours or so, her head is poked out and her but is buried in the tunnel she is at the bottom of the pot, I just hope she doesn't have any clusters or troubles!


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Hi yes, I actually have a big pot of soil I mixed up, it's a mix of clean gardening dirt, cocoa core and a lot of v

Hi, ya I have a big pot about half way full of vermiculite, soil and cocoa core. I just checked on her and she turned around so her face is out in the open now, I figured the mix I have is pretty breathable, so I just am hoping she has success, I will update !
I am not experienced in female clutches, and egg-laying. But I am sure that @Mrjamwin can help! :) I'm sorry!
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