Bowsers mouth/tongue?


Hey guys have you ever seen this or am I being to panicky ?
Im not clear what you are asking. Does he leave his tongue partially out / mouth slightly open all the time? if yes, that is indeed an indicator of a problem. His head looks odd in that picture.
His mouth is partially open with the tip of his tongue out!
Iv had to change his bulb as the 60w heat bulb would only produce 76f and was told that could be why so I'm using a 75w bulb which brings it up to 85-90
His mouth is partially open with the tip of his tongue out!
Iv had to change his bulb as the 60w heat bulb would only produce 76f and was told that could be why so I'm using a 75w bulb which brings it up to 85-90

again I ask - All the time, or just occasionally?

I very much doubt increasing heat is going to be helpful for this.

I strongly encourage you to respond to all the below. I think there may be something off.

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  • Supplements - What brand and type of calcium and vitamin products are you dusting your feeders with and what is the schedule?
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His arms etc are fine. Just the tongue which is the some times slightly open but the tongue is always out very slightly which keeps mouth open.

Nosy b make chameleon
6 months old
Had him since 10 weeks old.
Eats locusts crickets the odd meal worm.
Repti glo 5.0
75w basking bulb
Every feed is dusted with nutrobal
2 feeds a month dusted with reptivite d3
Reptibreeze 3ft high 2ft wide
Sprayed for 2 mins 3-4 times a day
Temp 87
Humidity always above 60%
Drinks lots
Crap is always whiteish with black in it sometimes.
Sheds fine. Very active
Artificial plants which he has in the past chewed on leaves, (tongue problem) maybe?
His cage with 2 drippers on top.

IMO I think he has hurt his tongue on a plastic leaf
His arms etc are fine. Just the tongue which is the some times slightly open but the tongue is always out very slightly which keeps mouth open.

IMO I think he has hurt his tongue on a plastic leaf

Mouth open is a bad sign, often associated with MBD / insufficient calcium in diet. or an inbalance. I wouldn't suggest Nutrobal at every feed, but rather once or twice a week and the rest of the time a phosphorous free, vitamin free calcium powder (like sticky tongue farms Mineral - O).
what do you gutload the feeders\prey with?
How old is the ReptiGlo?

check out this link:
Unfortunately he is most definitely showing symptoms of Metabolic Bone Disease of one form or another. You will need to consult a vet to determine which for sure so that an appropriate course of treatment can be made. His legs are showing multiple very obvious fractures resulting in curved limbs and double elbows. Further, his lower jaw is bowed downward, resulting in his tongue being exposed at the tip. These are clear indicators of bone density issues. You should see a vet as soon as possible and carefully review your husbandry with them to determine what is causing the form of MBD they determine he has.

Reti glo is 1 month old.
Can mbd be cured? I hope so!
The other powder I have is calci-dust is that better?
I guy load with kale and lambs lettuce
The bone densities can be returned to normal levels such that further fractures should not occur, but the fractures and deformations that have already occurred more than likely can not be reversed. It is also possible that as he continues to grow, existing deformations, even ones that are not currently obvious, may become more pronounced. He most likely can live a long and happy life once the issue is fixed, but you should consult a vet as soon as possible to start working on fixing the problem.

Ok I will most defo get him to a vet !
But I can't really tell that he looks bad??
I usually put a few pinches of dust in the lid of the calci dust and poor it in a locust box and just shake it! If there is a better way please let me know
I now see what you mean with the arm, the forearm is like a pop eye forearm! Yes will get him there 2murro if open as its bank holiday!

But going by the info I have given on here what could be the problem?
Can someone give me brand names of what to buy as regards dust etc
From the pic, his arms look noodle-like which is a sure sign of Bone Disease. However, if he had it before and he was cured through supplements leaving his arm looking like that, etc. I have no idea, you might know better in that regard. Focusing only on the fact that his mouth looks odd with it open, there are two possibilities. One, is the enclosure is too hot or stuffy. If that were the case though, chams usually open their mouth without showing the tongue too much. Second possibility is that he over extended his tongue. Sometimes a cham will shoot to far or too close and not calculate his shot too well. Sometimes they might try for a "in-between" branches shot A La Luke Skywalker Vs Deathstar. They retract tongue and scuff it on the branch. A cham will leave his tongue out hanging or have it exposed for a bit while the swelling or soreness goes down, maybe a few days. During this time he might not eat or will eat less. I assume that since he has had his tongue sticking out he has not been eating too well? The cham does look on the thin side. More info. on eating habits is needed...

Good luck dude, hope I helped a bit.
I just saw the post with the powder pics. A thought just occurred to me. The powders you have look fine, but I am curious about how long you have had him and the amount of calcium you have been giving him. With all calcium supplements and vitamins, its like a wax saint (you hold the fire not too close to melt him, but not so far that he cant be seen). What I am trying to say is that you cant be giving the little guy loads of calcium. When chams get a calcium overload, they will have dry nostrils with white powder coming out. They basically look coked out. Dry nose, dry mouth, etc. possibly a dry mouth might cause his tongue to not have enough lubrication and will be badly recoiled. Excess calcium will also be stored in deposits around his body, in the form of lumps. His arms look like they have a little lump on the right distal medial forearm. As somebody else mentioned earlier, Bone Disease is cured through good UVB 10-12 hours daily and calcium supplement, but the bone deformation such as noodle arm will still be present. This is why it is possible that he had Bone Disease before but has since been cured and might actually be getting too much calcium supplement. Once every 3 days when its under a year, then once a week when hes an adult. Small bag some dust, drop a cricket in and let him get a little coat of dust, not a full on glaze, just a pinch of dust on the cricket is enough. As the crickets get bigger, the dosage increases accordingly. Just a thought on the subject buddy.
Ok here we go.
I usually put about 5 pinches (big) into the lid with about the same of d3 (reptivite) and empty it into a locust/cricket box and shake it with egg box still in!
I did give him about 25 wax worms over a. Course of 2 weeks in last month?
I have a appointment with my vet his name is Ryan Reynolds and is a master in exotic field like Wales and bears worldwide.
Also very good with reptiles of all kinds.
I am hoping his arms can go back to normal!!!!!!
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