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What is the best way to feed chams? Do you just pour a ton of crickets in the enclosure and wait for my veiled to eat at her leisure? or do I feed her in a different manner?

I also added pictures of my tank and cham to my gallery, i would love some comments so please check it all out!
Hi, i'm new to keeping chameleons so somebody else will be able to give much better advice than me.

I personally put only 3 -5 crickets in at a time, i'll do this 2 -3 times a day depending on how many she's eating.

If i'm feeding waxworms i feed them by hand and hoppers i try to feed by hand ( if i can keep hold of them lol ) and feed these one at a time. :)
For neonates, I put in enough insects every morning that I can reasonably expect them to eat during the day. I toss in a bit of apple or sweet potato when I feed crickets so they don't get hungry enough to eat my chameleons. At the end of the day, if there are any left, I feed less the following day. As a general rule of thumb, I aim for 15 small insects for a neonate. Adults get much less, only every other day. I feed around a half a dozen appropriately sized insects to adult males every other day and females get the same unless they are gravid.

what about veggies? do you just kinda leave them on the leaves or seomthing? i dont know whats the best way, if i left veggies on teh bottom of the tank would she come down to eat them?

Also i have been hearing that super worms are easy to breed, how would you go about this? just buying lots and putting them in a cage? I've done this before for my beardies, and sometimes i get big black beetles! a treat im sure!
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