Crickets and Eating


Well it seems that my hatchling isnt eating pinhead crickets. She is eating her fruit flies and hydration is good. But each day I put her pinhead crickets in a feeding cup and they are still there at the end of the day. Is it the feeding cup? What might I do to encourage her or get her to realize they are there?
I have a feeding cup from FramsChams to be used in her forever home. But it is too large for her nano cage.
Do you put the fruit flies in that container or are they the flying type?
Its just crickets in the container. The fruit flies are suppose to not fly. Most crawl the plant and cage, some fly. But I might need to try it because I need to start her supplement routine. She will be 8 weeks on Monday. Been trying with crickets but she hasnt taken to them. The cage is so small that I am having a hard time with a proper placement of the cup for her and from the morning misting.
She can get to the cup but she doesnt seem to get close to it. I dont think she has noticed them.
Maybe you can find a way for her to notice them by moving a branch or adding one so she can look into the container and see them there?
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