Best way to cover soil for a hanging pothos

So Renly is being a terror today and my girlfriend caught him shooting rocks in the pothos that hangs in his cage. He usually does it to get to the dirt but today he actually brought the rock back to his mouth like it was a cricket or something..
Now.. covering all of the soil for a pothos plant is kind of a pain in the ***...which is why I used somewhat small rocks in the first place..they weren't too heavy and they managed to cover up a lot of the soil. But now I need a different method of covering the soil that does not use rocks. I've tried with old t-shirts but there are so many random vines sticking out of the pot that it's basically useless. Does anyone have any idea of what I can use to cover the soil?
For hanging pothos I put screen over the top of the soil, just cut it to fit and placed it in there. The plants on the bottom I put large river rocks.
Go to walmart in the fabric section and grab some burlap. Just cut it to size and fold it around the top of the plant. Water can still penetrate and it will keep crickets and your chams tongue away.
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