bearded dragon info needed


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ive decided to keep a bearded dragon.ive never kept one before but i do have experience with reptiles.
i currently own a healthy 6 month old male ambilobe panther chameleon.i now have the reptile bug lol.

i love reptiles ever since we kept an iguana years ago.
my chameleon doesnt like too much fuss and id love another pet that enjoys interaction more.i will be getting a 3ftx2ftx2ft at first then upgrading to a 4ftx2ftx2ft down the line.

anyway whats the best age bearded dragon to get?

does it matter male or female?

whats your bearded dragons temprement/handling?

how long can a baby and adult beardy stay out of his home for?

how much interaction is good for them?

is it correct to have there basking at 105f-110f?
and cool side 80f-85f?

thanks in advance guys


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From personal experience for a novice dragon owner I'd suggest getting an adult female. Their known for being very docile. Mine watches tv on my lap lol. Also I'd suggest nothing smaller than a 55gal tank because of size. Use only tube uvb lighting 10.0 as they are desert reptiles and a 125watt heat lamp for basking. I mist mine once to twice a day and give them weekly baths to help keep them hydrated and help with shedding because with as dry as their kept shedding can be an issue if their not properly hydrated. They love roaches, horn worms, supers, meal worms, and of course crickets. Their really easy to take care of and are by far the most docile reptiles I've ever owned as adults. Babies can be flighty leading to falls & broken bones. The biggest issue is feeding the right veggies for calcium to phosphorus ratio. I'd definitely take a look at the links the other members posted for reference.


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I had a dragon got him as a baby. Handled him for about an hour everyday while he was small. It's depends if u want a baby or full grown I choose a baby so that way he grew up with me and I didn't have to worry bout him being aggressive towards me cuz he didn't know me. But I will tell u this it was a lot of work. Had to make shire that as he grew he was in the right size cage heating increased with age. I wen they are young their hot dude needs to be only 95 and cold side bout 75. I had mine in a 80 gallon breeder tank by the time he was full grown with 150watt plant light for hot side and a ubv light on the cool side with the temps that u have now. He was a very loving dragon he loved to come out and sit in the sum with me or just watch TV always wanted to do wut I was doing a and just hang out good luck hope u enjoy ur dragon
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