Bearded Dragons who need a new home one with MBD


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Ok so this is not and I repeat not my pets! I have someone who reached out to me for help, they are looking to rehome two bearded dragons, one has MBD, she took them from a friend who didn’t care for them right at all but she cannot take care of them anymore and does not know much about them. She has a female and male, the female has MBD but from what she told me it sounds like we have a shot at saving her/them but again I’m not experienced in MBD or beardies. I don’t know much about beardies so I cannot really give her any advice. The male she said is maybe a Rankin? She’s located in Tierrasanta, San Diego, CA. She has some health issues and is constantly at the doctors so she isn’t really super eligible to provide them all they need etc...If you can take them both in or one and have experience in beardies, MBD, and have the money available right now to pay for vet bills please PM me and I will connect you with her. She’s looking to rehome them ASAP. Male she says is probably 1-2, female 2-3 but they aren’t 100%. I mentioned they were really small and she said improper lighting probably stunted the females growth and the male they don’t think he’s a bearded dragon as he is too small? She doesn’t have the correct husbandry from what I know, she said they will come with everything. Don’t have to go together either, and she wants $20 for them but says that she honestly just wants them to go to a good home so she’s willing to give them for free. (I’ll provide better pictures when she sends them my way, I also directed her to the bearded dragon forums)
Edit: I forgot to mention she has taken them to the vet and the only visible issue with the MBD is a bent arm. I’m currently asking for more info on the the vet. She says they eat great and the female is handlable but then again she is probably weak, the male is not handle able and they haven’t since they received him.


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