Baby Rudis's update


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So another one died just two days ago. D*mmit!!!
Im down to 6 of those little bastards now:mad:
Blah! I have two cages. Each 16x16x20. 3 to each cage. Theie so funny how they use each others as branches :p. Mischevious little guys. These guys are hard to keep. But I love the thrill of it making me work hard to help them thriving.:)
Ahhhh, Sternfeldi these days.


Yes, these guys are hard to keep and to get the temps/humidity to the right level for them. We had such a hard time with our babies (and to be fair, this was my first experience with a live-bearing species...). We had 15 of them 2.5 months ago and we have been down to 1 for a majority of that time. But that 1 is sure doing super!

Don't get discouraged - it happens to the best of us no matter how hard we try. :)
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