1. Ethen44

    Lost a loved one 2day :'(

    I have, or I should say had, 1.2 F. Paradalis, and 8 of their adorable little offspring from the first clutch. My male (Latharius) bred with my beloved Skittles, who had the friendliest characteristics about her. She almost seemed to communicate with me and my girlfriend on a regular basis. We...
  2. Anilr16

    Baby Rudis's update

    So another one died just two days ago. D*mmit!!! Im down to 6 of those little bastards now:mad: Blah! I have two cages. Each 16x16x20. 3 to each cage. Theie so funny how they use each others as branches :p. Mischevious little guys. These guys are hard to keep. But I love the thrill of it...
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