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For those of you with automatic misters, how often and how long do you mist for? I have been doing it 3 times a day for 20 minutes. Is this alright, or would more times a day for a shorter duration be better?
I believe that more frequent, less duration (but long enough for condensation to form on the plants), mistings is more appropriate for some chameleons as long as you have a drip system running too. If you don't have a drip, longer mistings may be necessary.
I'm setting up temperate/montane/high forest type enclosures for quadricornis and another for parsonii. For these species, I was planning on a heavy morning misting of probably 10 minutes every 30 minutes between the hours of 8AM and 11AM, followed by a dry spell from 11 AM until 3PM (during basking hours). *My humidifier will come on between 3PM and 7PM for added humidity during the basking time.*
Misting will start again at 7PM and will continue the '10 minutes every 30 minutes' until lights out at 10:30 PM. Misting will be off until the following morning around 8 AM.
I'm going to try and mimic how I percieve the natural habitat might be for these species. Of course I'll tweak this schedule if needed if I see they are getting too much or too little water.
I'm buying very very fine mist nozzles for my misting application.
I may also have a drip system going as well, but not sure just yet if it will be needed.
Hope this helps some.

Of course, I'll tweak this schedule once its in operation
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