Anyone into fish?

I do! We've got saltwater reef tanks.. 150, 90, 45 and 35.. All mixed reefs..



45g. Anemone tank

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I used to be really into marine aquariums. I currently do not have any running, but i run an aquarium maintenance business. I do have a 65 gallon and metal halides sitting in the garage.....hmmmmmmmm
I have on brackish tank with an archer fish and bumblebee goby and I hope to get some amani shrimp and maybe even an orange chromide soon. I'm in a mobile device so I can't post a pic but as I sit in my bed right now, but the archer is staring at me as usual, he follows me wherever I go in my room:D
I have aquariums. Right now I only mess with fresh water fish, but when I move into my new house, I am hoping to get into saltwater.
I used to have a 45 gal salt water aquarium, but we had an entire tank crash so we got out of that hobby. However, my husband and I became certified divers so we've got the best aquariums around! :p
I love saltwater tanks! I want one so bad. but my fiance says I have to wait until we get a new house. : ( oh well, I have my herps, cats, dogs, and freshwater tanks to keep me busy! lol
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