Any photos of malformed/skeletal deformities, like 6 legged 2 head etc that's alive?


Sorry for asking, but I've been curious for a bit about any CB or Wild chameleons born with any rare conditions. Like 2 tails, missing/extra limbs, paralyzed but able to eat etc, maybe one in someones collection. Any still live or dead. I'm asking because about 25-30 yrs ago I had a Flapneck hatch with one extra leg attached to its upper left back. It's didn't have any bones within as I could pinch and wiggle it with no signs of discomfort, it just hung there. He stayed alive for approximately 2 months. it got to the point I had to force feed him til he passed. Back then we had 35mm cameras, I had photos of him but discarded them later, I did send some off to one of the leaders of snake breeding named Bob Clark, a well known high end breeder at the time. Because he produces top of the line morphs. He's still at for a price ;) I personally didn't think there was anything special about mine at the time, but I wasn't sure and I haven't seen photos of any lately.

Can you guys post any photos of any deformities, dead or alive as I find it interesting. We see 2 headed snakes, frogs with one eye and alike, there's gotta be some chameleons out there...

Thanks Greg.


Thanks for the links ^^^^^
wow, I kinda like the one above with no tail. The older posting above where there's twins joined together would've interesting. I know it's kinda mean but I guess only the strong survive. Being a Chamaeleon would be difficult enough due to their stress and mobility to find food etc. I just haven't seen any and was curious. I guess I haven't seen a bird with 3 wings either lmao, but I'm not into birds anymore so I wanted to see if anyone collecting/breading chams had experienced with deformities.


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I would say that a lot of the deformities you've mentioned when applied to a Cham would be a sign that they wouldn't be long for this world. Certain species can live prolonged with deformities, but generally natural selection kicks in.

Think of it this way, there are no color morphs for Cham's on the market. None that I have seen at least. So if something so simple as an albino trait or hypomelanistic trait being so rare if not never been seen in most Cham's is not there, something physical has to be drastic. The fact we are able to have translucent (what I'm thinking is like a piebald trait) on Veiled chams is insane! Everything in the cham world, minus the translucent Veiled's is all natural morphs, besides the forced hybridization of Panther locales.
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