Another Pygmy Vivarium [Pictures]

Okay, so I realize I just posted a pygmy vivarium thread a couple weeks ago, but I made another one because I had to separate my male, whom I decided to name Fred Flintstone. The females he is in with aren't quite ready to breed, however he certainly is. Let's just say he was tossing them around like a bag o' potatoes. So I planted him an 18x18x24 Exo Terra that has been collecting dust. It's a huge enclosure for just himself but I'm sure he'll appreciate the space! Here you are!

And the inhabitant, Fred Flintstone:
hahaha i like the little mushrooms i cant ever get my moss to turn green though! And your pygmy has some interesting colors!
Sphagnum moss is drawn towards the sun. When it receives enough light the green will come out, and the beauty of sphagnum is that you can grow it to its emerald green and then it can dry out and stay that emerald green. You don't want it to get super soggy once it is in your enclosure though because it won't be getting the natural sunlight like it was outside and it will start to brown again. Also, do not buy Sphagnum moss in packages from pet stores like the "Zoo Med Terrarium Moss." This moss will not have roots and will never go lime green. Buy it at your local plant specialty shop and let it take in some sun for a little while with moderate waterings (I just mist it a couple times a day).

Thank you both for your comments :)
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