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  1. S

    Exo terra compact top for heat?

    Hey guys I recently bought an exo terra medium compact top for Simons bigger home. I already have a separate uvb strip light for him and I was planning on using this one for heat/basking only but it says you cannot use over 25watts with it. do you guys think putting 3 25 watt bulbs will get the...
  2. amalthea23

    Well, I'm finally going mistking

    So, after about a year and a half, my exo terra monsoon's timer finally went wonky on me yesterday, so I've ordered the mistking starter kit. Any tips from current owners with setup? Also, the mistking and exoterra use the same tubing, can I use my (now extra) exo terra tubing as extension parts...
  3. ReptiGeek

    Another Pygmy Vivarium [Pictures]

    Okay, so I realize I just posted a pygmy vivarium thread a couple weeks ago, but I made another one because I had to separate my male, whom I decided to name Fred Flintstone. The females he is in with aren't quite ready to breed, however he certainly is. Let's just say he was tossing them around...
  4. ReptiGeek

    1 more day! All ready!

    Well, tomorrow my little baby chameleon is coming home for the very first time! This is so very exciting. I've set up his enclosure and got everything up and running. Attached are some photos of my new guys' enclosure setup, oh and one of Gizmo's of course ;) As for the chameleon species, well...
  5. ReptiGeek

    My Exo Terra & A few tips!

    Just wanted to show everyone how my veiled chameleon's adult enclosure's setup is coming along. The terrarium is an Exo Terra extra tall and the lighting used is a dual top fluorescent fixture with 35W halogen's and a 10.0 UVB tube (I find Exo Terra's have thicker screen tops so I went with the...
  6. ReptiGeek

    What do you use? UVA+UVB

    Hey guys, just wandering what everyone uses in conjunction with their UVB light set-up? I believe the Exo Terra linear tubes (for UVB output) has a 6700K rating, so what regular UV light (and rating) should I use with it to stimulate a more natural "sun" look?
  7. ReptiGeek

    Exo Terra Dual Top Fluorescent Halogen

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to ask if anyone has experience using the Exo Terra Dual Top Fluorescent and Halogen light fixture? I just picked one up for a really good price but I am not going to use it until I have my chameleon in his adult set-up. Have you had any problems with it? What bulbs...
  8. Owner of Spanky

    Exo Terra outdoor cage

    I just bought one of those Exo Terra pop up screen cages. I bought the smallest one because spanky is only about 2" from snout to vent. I filled it with fake hanging plants. Is there anything else I need?
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