Another op for Gizzy


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After a week of meds Gizzy is just not getting better and the big lump in her tummy remains:( My poor little girl is just miserable and going downhill fast right now. It seems that the first op has caused problems with her intestines and the vet thinks the lump is poop - I still fear it could be eggs, but pray he is right as it`s the lesser of two evils.

We have to take her in at 8.50am and she will have her op about 11am. She`s a strong willed little soul, I only hope that will bring her through the other side, we can`t bare the thought of losing her. :(
Sally that is so horrible. you and she have already been through so much! As you said Gizzy is a fighter so I will start praying and crossing everything I can for her. Please let her pull through.
Oh Sally! So sorry to hear that Gizzy is poorly again.:( It feels so awful to leave them at the vets and it seems to take forever for themm to phone with news too. I shall be thinking of you and Gizzy tomorrow - I have everything crossed for the both of you. Sending hugs and positive thoughts for Gizzy, love Tiff xx
Thank you all for the lovely messages and good wishes :) fingers crossed she will be home this time tomorrow. We have complete confidence in Gizzy`s vet and if anyone can get her through it is him. Besides i have promised her a new hammock when she comes home :D
Many yrs ago I had an ambanja that lost the use of his back legs. We couldnt figure out why? As no obvious trauma showed on his x-rays. Anyhow, He could no longer defecate normally. My vet showed me how to basically palpate him and help him push out the poos. Kept him going for another six months til I decided it was his time due to his lack of quality of life. Have you tried to "help" her push it out. If your not comfortable doing so has the vet tried that first before surgery?
Thanks Texas - Yes we have all had a bash at trying to help her "go" on other occassions it has worked well, but this time nothing seems to help. It is awful to watch them suffering and we also were worried about her quality of life, but the vet believes she will do fine if it is just the poop problem, however he is going to ring if they find anything sinister. She is at the vets now and having her op as we speak. :(
I have just spoken to the vet and he says that when he opened Gizzy up he found that her fat pads were enlarged and had become solid. He said that it is very rare for this to happen and he is unsure of the cause. Often it is the result of a vitamin E deficiency or the wrong food, but he is completely happy with her diet and thinks it is more likely to have been triggered by the first surgery.

She isn`t awake just yet or breathing on her own and she also lost a huge amount of blood. At the moment it is touch and go, but he will call us back later this afternoon. :( She was unwell just after the first surgery, but we thought she was constipated or had enlarged liver - this seemed to resolve though and until recently she was really well.

Please could anybody tell me what the consequences of having no fat pads might be ? The vet doesn`t really know and we just want to know if there is anything we should be doing in future.

Thank you Jann - little Gizzy needs all the prayers she can get right now. She is a fighter though and on a good note, her heart beat is strong at the moment.
Sally just hang in there, we are all here for you and Gizzy. She is such a special cham that hopefully all will be well. Please let us know.
Thanks Laurie - we are in bits just praying she will battle through it. She has certainly got the best vet we could hope for and the staff are all doing their best and nursing her through.
Im glad you have an exp vet handling her op for you sally. Good to know he was trying to be as cautious as possible before optiing to try surgery. I will have Gizzy in my prayers also. It sucks to watch them suffer. I cant help you on the fat pad issue never had exp with that. Hope someone else can shed a light on that. You may want to try contacting one of the vets over here that treat alot of chams like Dr Alfonso or Dr. Greek.
Thanks Texas - It will be fantastic to have other vets opinions and advice if we can get them. Adam (Gizzy`s vet) is amazing and we owe him so much for helping our little girl. He is also on a huge learning curve on this one and i am sure would appreciate any input.

He just called and said that Gizzy is now awake and climbing :D:D:D She is very wobbly and quiet due to the blood loss, but things are looking much better. We originally planned on her coming home today, but given the circumstances she is staying with the vet until tomorrow. The next 12 hours are critical, but we are starting to feel cautiously optimistic. I only wish i had Gizzy`s will of steel - i will never complain about feeling ill again.
Oh Sally, what a day! You have been through so much with Gizzy! She most definitely is a fighter, bless her! I am so glad she made it through the surgery. Let's just keep everything crossed for a good and fast recovery! I just hate leaving any pets at the vets - when Tommy had his xrays I had to leave him as he needed to be put out for them and I was so worried about leaving him. When I went back for him it was all I could do not to cry when the vet brought him back out to me! These chams certainly suck us right in, don't they?! I love my two to bits, and I know how much you love Gizzy!
You must have a pretty darn good vet there Sally. For him to get her thru 2 surgeries is just amazing. That little girl has an iron will to live. Thats awesome that she's moving around already.
Thanks guys - I totally choked up when Adam rung to say she was awake and climbing, for the second time he also had to deal with me crying like a baby, lol. I am just so thankful that we found the right vet for Gizzy, he is determined to get her through come what may.

Tiff - I know what you mean about leaving them, it was almost like Gizzy knew because she hid in my jacket all the way there and then refused to let me hand her over. I felt terrible having to prise her off my hand.

I have the hospital myself this morning, but hopefully will be collecting her after lunch - I cannot wait to see her. :D
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