ambilobe panther health issues


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hi i have had my ambilobe now for about 4 months. he was doing great the hole time i have had him but over the past few days i have noticed he hasnt been eating or moving alot. he used to eat a dozen crickets a day. now im lucky if i see him eat to. also he is kind of just laying on his vine and not perked u like he usually is. if anyone has an idea on whats going on i would greatly appreciate it


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Chameleon info

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - My Chameleon is a 6 - 7 month old Ambilobe. He has been in my care for about 3 months

Handling - i handle my chameleon once a day typically.

Feeding - Im feeding my Chameleon daily. typically about 7 - 8 crickets that are appropriate size. i also feed him small horn worms, super worms and silk worms occasionally. i gut load all my feeders with fresh vegetables and zilla cricket drink with calcium.

Supplements - i use sticky tongue farms miner all daily, and reptivite twice a month.

Watering - i have a driper and i mist his cage for about 2 minutes twice a day. i see my chameleon drink all the time. like 6 times a day so he shouldnt be dehydrated.

Fecal Description - all of his droppings seem normal. they have the white part and the rest is solid and not runny. he has never been tested for parasites.

History - he was slightley impacted a week ago but passed it without a problem.

Cage Info:
my cage is mesh with a glass back and bottom. its dimensions are 1 foot wide, 3 feet long and 3 feet tall.

Lighting - i have a zoo med 5.0 uvb bulb and a 50 watt halogen heating lamp for a basking spot.

Temperature -the bottem of my cage is around 78- 80 the middle is around 80- 82 and his basking spot is around 88 - 92. i have multiple exo terra temp gages but i want to invest in a heat gun soon.

Humidity - my humidity sits around 60% - 70%

Plants - all my plants are fake plants. they have been purchased and cleaned.

Placement - my cage is in my bedroom. mostly i am only in here or i may have one friend over. so its not really high traffic. my cage is 5 feet off the ground at the top.
Location - im located in southern Ontario Canada.

Current Problem - My chameleon is not acting like his normal self. hasnt been eating and has just been laying around not doing anything. he has barely moved in the past couple of days. i have not seen him act like this before and i am worried. typically he is all over his cage catching crickets and being active. now he isnt even sitting very upright on his vine. he is kind of laying there with one leg hanging. im very concerned about my little guy and i was wondering if anyone could help. it would be greatly appreciated
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