All the UVB lights you need at the best prices!

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Compact fluorescents, tube bulbs, and mercury vapor bulbs - we have every type of UVB bulb you might need!

Powersun Bulbs are a high quality mercury vapor bulb with an excellent one year warranty through the manufacturer. These bulbs are perfect for larger, heat loving chameleons like Veiled Chameleons! We carry them for just $47.99 each for 100 watt bulbs, or $49.99 each for the 160 watt size.

When used in a hood that covers the entire cage, compact fluorescent UVB bulbs can be one method for providing UVB to your chameleons. ZooMed carries several wattages and UVB intensities, with the smaller 13 watt bulbs costing $9.99 for 10.0 bulbs or $8.99 for 5.0 bulbs. The larger and brighter 26 watt bulbs are on sale at $20.95 for 5.0 bulbs and $24.99 for 10.0 bulbs!

The tried and true tube fluorescent bulb - most popular among chameleon keepers!

ALL sizes of 5.0 bulbs are $19.95 each - from 15" all the way up to 48"!
ALL sizes of 10.0 bulbs are $24.99 each - sizes 18" up to 48"!

We now also carry high-output UVB bulbs!

Slightly different sizing and pricing!
5.0 bulbs are all $19.95 each, sizes 22", 34", and 46"
10.0 bulbs are all $22.95 each, sizes 22", 34", and 46"
These bulbs are all T5 sized - so they are smaller and require an appropriate sized fixture!

Don't forget your UVB radiometer to measure the effectiveness of your bulbs!

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