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  1. B

    Aquarium Tropical daylight bulb okay?

    Is this light going to be okay to put in my exo terra double 17 inch canopy with one reptile glo 5.0 for a 36x22x18 viv for a veiled Cham I really just need a bit of extra light in the viv as it is quite dark and I can't get hold of the exo terra reptile glo 2.0 locally. I checked the...
  2. LLLReptile

    All the UVB lights you need at the best prices!

    Compact fluorescents, tube bulbs, and mercury vapor bulbs - we have every type of UVB bulb you might need! Powersun Bulbs are a high quality mercury vapor bulb with an excellent one year warranty through the manufacturer. These bulbs are perfect for larger, heat loving chameleons like...
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