Portland, Or: Selling My Cham + All Equipment


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Hi all,

Due to a series of very unfortunate personal events, I have to sell my female, year old veiled chameleon and all her equipment listed below, can send more photos too. She's in great health, living in a happy bioactive terrarium with plants growing up all in an excellent condition Dragonstrand cage. Would love to see her go to a good home that cares about husbandry. The equipment equals over $1,300 but selling for $700. Prefer to sell together.
Located in Portland, OR.

She is best left alone, and only comes out for cage cleanings and a sunny hour in the backyard here or there with gentle coaxing and food luring. She knows feeding times and waits by (or on top of) her insect bar to make sure her humans know she's waiting on us. She gets primarily gut loaded dubias with a mix of crickets and some worm treats.

Did some tallying below of what receipts i could find - this is *not an exhaustive list
DragonStrand Tall Hybrid cage - $448
Mistking start misting system v5.0 + bucket - $148
ARCADIA 6% UVB T5 HO SIZE: 22" (24W) - $22.99
PangeaCal w/o D3 PANGEACAL WITHOUT D3 -$5.99
Rep Cal Herptivite Reptile Multivitamin REP-CAL HERPTIVITE MULTIVITAMIN - $9.99
Zoo Med ReptiSun® T5 HO Terrarium Hood ZOO MED REPTISUN T5 HO TERRARIUM FIXTURE SIZE: 24" (HOLDS 22" T5 BULB) - $52.99
Fluker's Clamp Lamp with Dimmer, 8.5-in - $19.99
Zoo Med Repti Basking Reptile Spot Lamp, 75-watt, 2 count - $11.70
Exo Terra Mister Portable Pressure Sprayer, 2-qt - $14.16
Reptile Systems T5 Ferguson Zone 3 12% Desert Reptile Lamp, 24-watt - $26.70
Chameleon Tree Pouch 24" x 24" × 1 - $26.70
Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer - $15.95
Sycamore Bark 6 qt - $8.95
Springtail Grub 5 ounces - $7.95
Soil 46 qt bag $130
Southern Palm Leaves 36 qt - $39.95
New Zealand Spag Moss 36 quarts - $39.95
Bioactive Kit 75 gallon- $124.95
Blinky Chameleon Bug Bar Feeding Ledge - $19.95
Bug Grub 4 lb - $24.95
Exo Terra Terrarium Glass Cleaner 8.4 oz - $9.95
Sandblasted Ghostwood Branch 17" - 20"- $34.95
Dubia Roach colony + food, water gel, and cage - around $45

Thanks so much for reading!

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