Adult female panther shedding frequently


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My new female has shed twice in three weeks. She's approx 14 months old. Even more odd is the fact that she is full body shedding. When she came to me 5 weeks ago she was wedding her tail and legs as well. That's 3 sheds in 5 weeks?

She seems fine and has a great appetite. She has gained 8 grams with me despite laying a clutch 2-3 weeks ago. This frequent shedding makes me think I should feed more liberally.

Any ideas?
Is it possible that she was underweight when you got her and so is getting a late growth spurt? In my limited experience, every chameleon I've brought home has blown it's skin rather dramatically within a week. I took it as a reaction to the move.
I dunno, she came from reputable breeders. She was passed around a little before I got her though. And she did also have mouth rot prior to receiving her. I think I'm just going to feed her more and hope she doesn't lay a huge clutch.
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