7 month-old Nosy Be

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I am moving to a smaller apartment next week and do not have room to keep my boy Hobbes, especially because he's almost ready for a bigger cage :(

Hobbes is from the Chameleon Company's Houdini. DOH 11-24-12.

He eats and drinks well. He shows me a large range of blues and is most commonly greenish-blue.

I live in Jacksonville and would prefer that someone pick him up, but I will consider shipping.

Available as well: his large B Grade DIY Cage, tons of cage decor (bamboo, extra bamboo, lots of high-end plastic foliage, large NC driftwood, clamp lamp, MistKing system with Rain Nozzle and 5 gallon reservoir. So, basically everything except the UVB lighting system (giving to a friend) and a drainage system (haven't had a chance to properly set up).

Hobbes: $175 OBO
Supplies: $150

Again, would prefer not to ship. Will drive to meet halfway if you're not terribly far :)


Hobbes has found a new home, where he will be spoiled by ChamLady :)

Thanks for anyone who expressed interest in Hobbes, I will be listing the MistKing for sale in equipment shortly.
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