5 month old sambava male or female?!

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Please help I bought my little guy about 3 months ago February 25 to be exact and was told he was sambava male,he is now 5 months and still no color idk if it’s male or female plzzzz help me out anyone and everyone plzzz


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I would say a female but I am definitely not 100% sure. I am not seeing a hemipenal bulge and the colors look peachy like a females. Once others start saying what they think the sex is based on that I would get a laying bin ready. If you don’t know how to do that here is a great link: Chameleon Academy Laying Bin Hope this helps 😊
Here is a 3 month old the tail base is thick where in females like yours gets skinny right after the vent.


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Yea I don’t care for eggs I wanted colorful not dull and ugly sucks so bad
If you’re wanting to rehome her asap your best bet would to not charge to rehome her or rehome her with a small fee, there’s a lot of people that try to rehome chams on the forums with a high price and never have any luck, and with her being a female that you don’t want you’ll want to find her a home so she isn’t so stressed out when it comes to laying eggs
When will she have eggs?
They can start as early as 4-5 months
I agree with @yungzerk . I don’t think they are trustworthy and if you want a male I would get from someone from our sponsors list. They are 100% reliable. Also females are amazing and the eggs are easy to deal with. They are beautiful in there colors even though they aren’t as bright as the males. It could be a whole new adventure if you choose to keep her. I too adore the males for there colors but feel something like a calm beauty when I look at females, but it’s all you choice. Also just because I like to look at different chameleons may I see your current chams please? I wish you the best and hope to be seeing you on the forum! 😃
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