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Hey im certainly not new to the forum i just never post just read about every other day.

I just got done constructing a new 5tall x 3wide x 2 deep cage. i have basking UV and everything but i had just 2 simple questions. How close does the basking branch need to be to the 100 watt basking bulb that i have? and for lighting the rest of the cage can i use a normal house bulb or do i need that 60 watt daylight bulb?

Thanks alot everyone!!

Im hoping to post pictures soon of the cage!
you want your basking temp to be up around 90-95 so use a gauge and move it away till you reach your desired basking temp....
Well, I know that I am using a 100w ZooMed Repti Basking Spot Lamp and my chams basking branch is about 6" to 8" away from the basking lamp while my ambient temp is around 80. This makes his basking branch about 92 and he seems to be happy. I do know this- if you place his perch too far away you will notice that your cham will probably climb on the top of the cage to to get heat because he cannot find a suitable perch (also he/she may possibly burn himself/herself). Also I have a differnt perch about the same distance from the UBV lamp that he will bask under during part of the day.

As far as other lights, I would refrain because if the cham needs to find a cooler spot in the cage then he will be unable to with other lights. As you can see I am just a junior member so I would love to hear other responses as well, but this is just how I feel.
You can use a regular incandescent bulb to both light and provide a basking spot for your cage. There is no need for the expensive basking lights. A flood light or just a regular household bulb work just as well. You can even put 2 up top if you need more light.. just be sure that the basking temp and the ambient temp toward the bottom of the cage is in the acceptable range and you are fine :)
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