1. New sleeping spot

    New sleeping spot

    Found himself a new spot to sleep tonight. Keeping a log of pictures to see in the future
  2. All tucked in for the night

    All tucked in for the night

    First time sleeping in that spot
  3. Sleeping beauty

    Sleeping beauty

  4. 20190530_202411.jpg


    Veiled chameleon sleeping in pothos plant
  5. Loretta asleep

    Loretta asleep

    Loretta is so sweet! She is so happy to curl up and sleep on her humans hand.
  6. AdventuringChameleon

    Mowgli Update

    Hey all! It's been a while since we've posted on here so I thought I'd give an update on Mowgli. I got a new flash for my camera so I tested it out on him last night while he was sleeping. These aren't his brightest colors - he's in his "pj's" in this picture.
  7. Galaxy

    Lil Osiris fell asleep in his tree

    I lost track of time while keeping an eye on him and playing video games, noticed that he was being rather quiet since I usually track his leaf-crinkling noises for location. Found the pretty boy dreaming happily. :p Age: 7 months
  8. ReptiGeek

    Sleeping Beauty's. Let's see yours!

    Not sure if this thread has been done already, but I wanted to post a few photos of all my boys tucked in for the evening and thought it would be nice to see everyone else's as well! So feel free to post your photos as well. Cheers! Gizmo, 10.5 months, passed out. Naboo, 7 months, all...
  9. cswan19

    Sleeping upside down?

    Is it normal/okay for my cham to sleep hanging upside down? Do you think he will fall? Should I wake him up and move him? Thanks to anyone who can help. -Christie
  10. ReptiGeek

    I need your help!

    My veiled chameleon is 2 to 3 months old and has been living with me for 2 weeks now. Every night I find him in a different sleeping places, often in the non-safest positions possible, like holding onto a tiny leaf. Sometimes I'll wait for his lights to go off and I'll watch what he does, and...
  11. J

    Baby jacksonii jacksonii closing eyes during the day

    Hi, hope you can help me understand what's going on. I bought 3 young j.jacksonii in September. They were in a small exo Terra with a basking spot of low 80s ambient in 70s, sprayed 4 times a day, 5.0 exo Terra UV tube. Since iv had them all 3 didn't eat much and only fruit flies. They...
  12. Monties1982

    Montium Night Shots.

    I was looking at Action Jackson's post of his cute little 4 month old Jackson's chameleons sleeping and thought that I would copy him and try to show him up with a couple pictures of my 2 month old montium sleeping ;):p.
  13. Monties1982

    My new baby, Trixie

    I got a baby montium from Warrix642 yesterday, who I named Trixie. It's hard getting good pictures of her, but I managed to get a good one of her sleeping.
  14. summoner12

    Sleeping outside.

    Around 10:00pm Close to 1:00am Ambient temp was 50*F
  15. F

    Fang caught sleeping during the day :(

    Ok now this is stressing me out, so let me fill this in first: Cage Info: * Cage Type - Round Cage, plastic mesh. (About 12" in diameter, not sure how tall) * Lighting - 50w Basking lamp, that is on 12 hours a day, when it's icy cold, like it is now, temps drop below 55 F (13 c)...
  16. kenya

    Panthers in the night! (photos!)

    I spotted Darjeeling sleeping in a cute "bed" of sorts that fit his studly body perfectly. I decided to try Gesang's advice and wake him with another male to see if he would fire up. Matcha picked up some of the best colors I have seen on him. Here he is earlier today...
  17. Rerun


  18. Rock-a-bye Chammy

    Rock-a-bye Chammy

    Hatchling Ambilobe. Days old.
  19. Let Sleeping Panthers Alone

    Let Sleeping Panthers Alone

    I would just marvel at the change of coloring while asleep - very vibrant. I can't believe that this helps them in the wild at night. It did however come in handy when I lost her outside in the trees, and I had to find her while using a flashlight.
  20. Curled Up

    Curled Up

    After a long day of traveling to my new home , gummy has eaten showered explored and found a comfy spot to sleep... A new set of colors are showing as he doses off...
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