1. cswan19

    Awake at night?

    My male veiled Malibu is about 2 mo. old and has never had any problems with sleep. He always goes to sleep right after lights out and wakes up a few minutes before lights on. It is almost midnight where I'm at and he is settled in on his favorite branch where he usually sleeps but hes looking...
  2. cswan19

    Sleeping upside down?

    Is it normal/okay for my cham to sleep hanging upside down? Do you think he will fall? Should I wake him up and move him? Thanks to anyone who can help. -Christie
  3. lizzleberry

    sleeping chameleon

    hi, i've now had pascal for 5 nights, i have finally found out his sleeping pattern from the shop he come from and am going to slowly move his bed time up to 8ish until then im finding it a bit inconvenient to have my bedroom completely dark by 6pm, although i have no problem with it being...
  4. CNorton

    Night Time Drop in Incubation

    I am using the thinkgeek heater/cooler and I'm really wondering how I'm going to get a night time drop in temperature. I know several have found the closet/basement/pantry method to be successful but what about during summer months when even these places can reach over 70F during the day...
  5. kenya

    Panthers in the night! (photos!)

    I spotted Darjeeling sleeping in a cute "bed" of sorts that fit his studly body perfectly. I decided to try Gesang's advice and wake him with another male to see if he would fire up. Matcha picked up some of the best colors I have seen on him. Here he is earlier today...
  6. gollum

    night heating?

    hey, just wondered what pepole use to heat there cages at night, i know its not needed in warmer areas/seasons, but i live in the UK and it can get pretty cold at night, at the moment the room temp drops to about 64f, so thats fine for a veiled right? anyway, in the winter the room temp can...
  7. Sleepytime


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