Night Time Drop in Incubation


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I am using the thinkgeek heater/cooler and I'm really wondering how I'm going to get a night time drop in temperature.

I know several have found the closet/basement/pantry method to be successful but what about during summer months when even these places can reach over 70F during the day?

Is there a method that can manage two different target temps, one for day and one for night?


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Hey, if your night time temps are consistently cooler than your target daytime incubation temperature, the fridge will also dip two or three degrees at night. The other thing you MAYBE can do, but again only if your nights are cooler, is connect the fridge to a timer and just have the whole thing shut off for a few hours from like 3am to 7am. YOU WILL HAVE TO TEST TO SEE IF THE FRIDGE REMEMBERS ITS TEMP SETTING WHEN IT IS UNPLUGGED!


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Does anyone do much montane breeding/incubation?

I would have to believe there are some methods that others use with success.
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