1. ChamAllen

    Meller Manor, The OctoMellerium Project Opens Wednesday July 5th FREE Tickets

    Hi all, I am offering FREE Tickets to The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, CA for the Grand Opening of Meller Manor, The OctoMellerium Project. We are Freeranging 8 Meller's Chameleons in a large indoor environment equipped with video cameras. To read about this amazing happening please...
  2. ChamAllen

    One of my Meller's has a swollen leg.

    Hi all, Without going to a vet what is the best course when an otherwise healthy cham has a single swollen limb? Thanks.
  3. ChamAllen

    What to do about Mitchell Meller

    Hi all, Mitchell, photos attached, is very ill. I didn't expect him to survive this long. While his condition doesn't seem to have worsened over the last 4 months it hasn't gotten any better. He is past the point of taking him to a vet. The thing is, he keeps on hanging in there...
  4. NWD

    Pair of mellers

    Hello I am picking up a pair of mellers tomorrow. They are both wild caught and very large adults. They appear very healthy and have been in the shops possession for about three months. They have been treated once for worms but the medication used was not know by who I spoke with. They are...
  5. summoner12


  6. C

    Meller in BAD shape!!! HELP PLZ

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male adult melleri, about 23 inches from snout to end of tail, almost a year old. Handling - Rarely Feeding - Gut loading live large crickets a week, 1-3 crickets daily. Horn worms and super worms Supplements - Flukers calcium orange gutload, herpitive dusting...
  7. summoner12


    Lenny and Chris sleeping. It took a couple of attempts to get this shot... Lenny is a light sleeper, so as soon as any lights come on she wakes :rolleyes: Lenny is ready to explode with her clutch of eggs... still no interest in the laying bin... still eating... guess shes not ready :o...
  8. summoner12

    Hey baybay!

    So this past weekend I got another melleri. I was showing the new guy to Sam (who i got at the last show) and Sam got all fired up...... So I placed the new guy into the free range where Lenny and Chris used to live. And then I went and got Sam. It would be safe to say Sam is Samuel and not...
  9. summoner12

    Issue with lobe.

    On Thursday night I took Lenny to a herp meeting as a 'show and tell' item for a presentation Elisa was giving. I haven't handled Lenny in a few days... and I noticed a discoloring on her right lobe. Renee had noted some rough housing between Lenny and her tree mate, Chris. She did not see...
  10. summoner12

    What do you think?

    If anyone in CA runs out and gets this plate I will hunt you down..... But what do ya think? super geek? :p:D:cool: My GF says "NO WAY!". I say "I pay the bills..." I think it would be neat... but she is right... extra $30 each year for my already $241 registration fee..... :o
  11. summoner12

    Lenny and Chris

    I do not know if they are a couple.... I do know Lenny is female and that the two of them get along, or so it seems. :o Here are some pics of them hanging out..... Lenny doesn't like the camera... so the mild gaping and spotting are directed at me... taking pics of them...
  12. summoner12

    Lenny and Pat sitting in a tree....

    I put Pat into Lenny's range this morning. Lenny doesn't seem to mind him too much but Pat is ALWAYS on his guard. I think he has a Napoleon complex :D. I put Pat on a branch away from Lenny and he went right over to her basking area and climbed up some light branches to get some 'sun'. He...
  13. summoner12

    My new cham, Pat.

    I got my first Melleri today. I purchased him from the Tiki Tiki booth at the San Diego Super Show. I will try and keep up with posting updates of photos and weight. I have named this little cham Pat, after the SNL skit.:p Ready to check out of his travel cup Exploring the new plant...
  14. Melissa Meller In Orange African Background

    Melissa Meller In Orange African Background

  15. Melissa Meller Enjoying A Spa Day.

    Melissa Meller Enjoying A Spa Day.

    Melissa loves the water. She sometimes goes down into the tub for a swim.
  16. My New Meller

    My New Meller

    saved this creature from a pet store [: (my sister accidently clicked sex but its unknown)
  17. Gizmo


    My first chameleon, a Meller's, when he was just 6 months old.
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