1. SimonTheCham

    Uneaven lighting-need suggestions!

    as you can see her cage lighting is super uneven due to a big ficus tree. she loves the ficus with all of her heart but if we put the light directly on top of the cage shell most likely get burnt. im also worried that shell start sleeping over in the front, and if its to cold. i have a red light...
  2. katgraver

    Eyes and lighting

    So it has been awesome and yet challenging adjusting to having a chameleon. Newest challenge has been moments where Sir George can't see. Today I had him outside all day. He started the day not moving and cranky but improved as the day progressed , by the end of the day he could totally see and...
  3. vladdimir26

    Free range urgent questions!

    Hey everyone :) So I just finished attaching some branches to my new chameleon's free range plant here and there. Here are my questions! Please feel free to answer all of them: 1) How will I use a cup drip system when there is nowhere to be held? Also where will the water that falls go? I...
  4. Ethen44

    Mercury Vapor Lighting?

    Alright, so I went to my local pet shop the other day to buy my 5.0 reptisun replacement bulbs. However, I ended up talking with the owner, a well versed chameleon owner, and he told me I was wasting my time with the linear bulbs. Rather, he suggested, that I get some Mercury bulbs? He said that...
  5. lizzleberry

    sleeping chameleon

    hi, i've now had pascal for 5 nights, i have finally found out his sleeping pattern from the shop he come from and am going to slowly move his bed time up to 8ish until then im finding it a bit inconvenient to have my bedroom completely dark by 6pm, although i have no problem with it being...
  6. NWD

    newer zilla t8s

    I have read around that in 07 they were deadly any word on the newer models if used at a greater distance are they safe for a cham? I have heard they are but u never knowwwww
  7. SoCaliSon

    Water Droplets in the Sun?

    I have had a thought pass through my head the last few times I have had the chams in their outdoor cages getting misted. When they are out there I spray there cages down from outside the cage, I typically spray down the top of the cage to allow water to drip down into the cage like rain, but...
  8. Screameleons

    Ultimate Setup Kit **30 Day Health Guarantee**

    Purchase this kit with a chameleon and get a 30 Day Health Guarantee! See Below. Frequently Asked Questions Q. What do you mean by a 30 Day Health Guarantee? Yes, it sounds unbelievable. By offering the healthiest chameleons and a proven setup kit, we can afford to give you a full...

    Reef Tanks UV Bulbs

    Do these work on reptiles such as Reef 5.0 by Zoo Med? Just had a chance to buy a bunch for a good price but passed it up because they weren't reptile specific. Should I just jump on them and get them? Thanks! :D
  10. Reach For The Stars..

    Reach For The Stars..

    Beldar, 2 week old Veiled Chameleon, has seen the light and wants it all for himself.
  11. Sunlight


    This is my little girl Glitch, soaking up the sun outside on a gorgeous day.
  12. Natural Lite

    Natural Lite

  13. Chameleon Christmas Light

    Chameleon Christmas Light

    My husband built this Luie (my veiled chameleon) light for me for Christmas
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