Uneaven lighting-need suggestions!

image.jpg as you can see her cage lighting is super uneven due to a big ficus tree. she loves the ficus with all of her heart but if we put the light directly on top of the cage shell most likely get burnt. im also worried that shell start sleeping over in the front, and if its to cold. i have a red light thats 50w if you think its too cold over there, the temp in the front(no light) is 70F so if shes spending most of her time over in the cold would it be bad? also what about the sleeping thing? do you think shed start sleeping with it being so dark? and also any suggestions on placement of plants/lights or anything is appreciated. thanks!
Having different lighting in different parts of the cage is great IMO - gives them a chance to regulate - I just got an extra wide cage for my panther and I've been amazed by how much of the cage he uses - I would suggest a couple of vines or branches going across - at different levels - you can use the vines to thin out some of the other stuff if you think your getting too much shade- just by giving the plants something to hang on to.
It gets way colder than 70 in the wild- heat lamps aren't good - a drop at night is .. as long as you have a basking area- keeping females at a bit lower temps is something some do to lower egg production -
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