Free range urgent questions!


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Hey everyone :)

So I just finished attaching some branches to my new chameleon's free range plant here and there. Here are my questions! Please feel free to answer all of them:

1) How will I use a cup drip system when there is nowhere to be held? Also where will the water that falls go? I can't let it go into my carpet (its in my room)

2) How will I deal with feces? As far as I'm concerned the poopie is going to fall right into my room's carpet

3)My UVB says it only reaches about a foot in UVB. and the plant is about 5 ft tall (not counting the very long leaves that touch the sealing)

Please answer my questions about free range so I can but my little buddy on his plant already! Thanks

I can handle the poop question. You can put down a shower curtain liner and cut it to the shape you like and place it over the carpet. Easy wipe up when you see it.:)
There is no one way to do any of this, you have to custom build everything for your needs.

Hang the drip cup from the ceiling on a thin chain or rope, and then put a plastic bin on the floor to catch up the water.

Put something down on the floor, like newspaper, plastic sheeting, shower curtain, etc. etc..

You can also hang the light from the ceiling so it comes down closer to the top of the plant.
Hmm interesting.... i still don't know how i will hang that water cup drip system

Get one of those hooks meant for hanging plants or whatever. Simply screw one of those in where you want your dripper to hang. Get a little or big dripper (any pet store has them) they have a handle that you can put on the hook and wham bam shablam your problem is solved.
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