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    Basking after a meal
  2. junglefries

    favorite heat lamps

    I am thinking of switching my basking light fixtures [25w small oven/fridge incandescent bulbs with mini clamp lamps] to the 25w mini halogen fixtures. So far, I have only seen the Zilla fixtures for sale. Was wondering, if there were some other brands, pet supply or other, that anyone was aware...
  3. Jberd70

    Haunted Panther

    Here is our favorite little buddy basking in the warm California sun.
  4. LLLReptile

    Sale on Helix Thermostats - Online ONLY!

    Thanks to a special deal worked out with helix, we are offering these at a discount from the normal price! DBS-1000 Ungrounded Normally $149.99 - On sale for $134.99!! DBS-1000 with Grounded Plug Normally $159.99 each - On sale for $141.99!! While you're at it, snag a temp gun too -...
  5. C

    Light Bulb Types

    So I finally decided I'm getting a chameleon (yay! :) ) and I have started setting up the enclosure (will post pics when finished) but I have a couple questions about lighting. First of all, there seems to be some conflict about how long the uvb bulbs (I'm using a reptisun 5.0 T5 HO) actually...
  6. R

    Basking dome Mesh insert

    Hi guys Does anybody know where I can get one of these from because I'm sure you used to be able to buy them, or if anyone has a suggestion for making one? This is a picture of one I took in a pet shop Any help is greatly appreciated
  7. LLLReptile

    Heat bulbs, foggers, misters, feeding ledges - all the supplies you need!

    We carry all the supplies you need to set up and furnish your chameleon's cage RIGHT! Heating supplies We have a range of supplies you can utilize to heat your chameleon! Ceramic heat emitters are a long lasting and cost effective way to bolster the heat in your cage - their lack of...
  8. B

    My chameleon opens his mouth while he is basking!

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Nosy Ankarea, Male, 4 and a half months old and has been in my care for 2-3 months Handling - He is handled very two or three days. Feeding - Silent brown crickets, Hoppers, Cockroaches and a waxworm twice a week. He gets crickets and hoppers every day he has...
  9. Seeco

    Basking Light Setup -- Lets Discuss the Best Way to Setup a Basking Spot

    This idea came from a recent thread: I'm not so sure about that. It sounds to me like his basking behavior is just several variations on cramming his body in the corner as much a possible. You animal should never have to bask upside down hanging from a screen. Not very natural. In my opinion...
  10. lizzleberry

    basking chameleon

    hello (again) just wondering if it is normal for a chameleon to close his eyes whilst basking? pascal has been basking basically all day, he started out a very dark green almost black color, and now is just dark green and stripey, hes sitting kinda tilting one way and switches over every so...
  11. Zach Valois

    Montane/submontane Basking Temps?

    Perhaps I have overlooked some information somewhere, but I am having a hard time deciding on what is an appropriate basking temp for some of the montane/submontane taxa (Trioceros, Kinyongia, etc). I have been running 40 watt tube incandescents (Sun Glo Bulbs) in 12x12x18, 18x18x24, and...
  12. liquidnia

    Lamp Questions

    Hello! I recently purchased my first veiled chameleon, a male who is about 3 months old. I have experience in caring for adolescent veiled chameleons, but this is the first enclosure I've created. I've found that our space for him doesn't seem to be getting warm enough. Right now we have...
  13. The Life Of Bean

    The Life Of Bean

  14. Posing Beauty

    Posing Beauty

    Here is Kirby my new Jackson's Chameleon female, she was green and happy basking in her new home.
  15. Basking Beauty

    Basking Beauty

  16. Beastie Basking

    Beastie Basking

  17. Sunshine


    9 month old male furcifer paradalis
  18. Hanging out on the porch

    Hanging out on the porch

    Herbie after a good shed at 9 months old. He loves that sun.
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