Basking dome Mesh insert


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Hi guys

Does anybody know where I can get one of these from because I'm sure you used to be able to buy them, or if anyone has a suggestion for making one?

This is a picture of one I took in a pet shop

Any help is greatly appreciated

Mind if I ask why? Is this light for a free range setup? I wouldn't mind finding something like this for my mini-free range basking lamp.
You can buy those at home depot/lowes. It looks like a large soffit vent. I ordered a couple while I was building an enclosure for my tegu. They come in different sizes, you just have to make sure which raduis/style you need.
It is a mesh insert for the top of a wooden vivarium for you to sit your basking dome on, because at the minute my basking dome is inside of the vivarium this has lead to minor hand burns on my panther and also means that most of his furniture cannot be near it or as high up for him as he needs.

The picture I took is of one on a vivexotic viva tank, they come with one supplied but I am convinced I have seem these on sale separately long long before the new vivexotic tanks came out...but now I need one I cannot find one
You can get a thing very similar at the dollar store in the kitchen section, its like a large flat strainer thing..
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