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    baby Yemen chameleon-start

    hello i know that leo geckos do not eat be four first shed. does that stand for Yemen chameleon too? when one can expect that neonates start to eat? 3-5 days? thanks you
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    How long do they live?

    i was thinking about average that one can expect
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    How long do they live?

    and what would be avarage life for calyptratus? 4-6 for male? 2-4 for female?
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    longevity of C. calyptratus

    thanks a lot...
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    longevity of C. calyptratus

    i was wondering does breeding male C. calyptratus affect life spent like it does females? and what do u think is expected longevity for calyptatus 1 not breed female 2 breed female 3 male ? thanks
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    How uW/cm2 UVB is good for Veiled and Panther

    i dont think that chameleons can see uvb it is too law to see ... some lower that 400nm yes ...but 290-300nm no way. that is my opinion
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    Which is better; Flap Neck or Jackson Chameleon?

    as i know jecksons cham. need cooler temp than flep .
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    is she gravid -melleri

    the seller asks for 240euros it is too much for WC. money is no problem for me cause i breed and sell my herps so i have my own earned money that i would gladly give for melleri but those look to sick, hapless and doomed that i would not buy them. if they r less expensive probably i would. here...
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    is she gravid -melleri

    thanks u for answer
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    is she gravid -melleri

    what do u think...r those gravid colours? this r WC melleri and i was so disappointed in their situation uffff what r chances of them surviving in captivity?
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    Vitamin D3....

    Eric Adrignola's i have 2 calyuptratus. male is 3-4years old .femail is the same. if i give D3 as a supplemenet i do it about every 2-3 months...the powder that i use is from grided tablet so it does not stick as good as calcium. i have female eggs now. so one can say that i dont gve D3. i do...
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    Veiled Fetus *photos*

    they would go yellowish and moldy if ther were no fertile!!! but pic r great. thanks for posting!
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    incubating time dillema

    any one???
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