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    Dubia Roaches??

    wings = males, nubbs/no wings = females adults are shiny blackish and nymphs are just brownish/tan they breed when adults and to make them more prone to breeding feed them oranges
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    grow light/basking

    isnt bad for him, its just brighter and they can sense light vs dark so unless they are ready to go sleep for the night they will naturally goto the light. light means warmth in nature. They will not give off much light as t8's so maybe he is just in the comfort zone also temp wise for him right...
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    Baby Ambilobie Panther Chameleon help plz?

    i would get a screen enclosure asap and for supplements just keep it simple and go with repashy calcium plus. then you dont need worry about a complicated vitamin calc and cal w/d3 schedule. keep it simple and keep the temps stable liek suggested and he will grow like a weed. I know the others...
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    Purchasing a baby - what age is best?

    Regardless of the age you get what you pay for, a 50.00 chameleon will live about as long as it takes to get it home usually. I am exaggerating but that is to stress a proven point that not all breeders should be breeding. Its ez to get cham;s to mate and sitting in the inucbator is no task...
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    Girls get no Respect!

    sharp lil girl, but i am biased i think she looks kind of like the ambanja i had.
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    MistKing Adjustable Rain Nozzle?

    yeah the dones work nice, i did like jon and made my own dome. The 3rd enclosure is using a rain dome i made out of a nozzle and juice bottle. Just in case you didnt know, you can buy the hose and fittings etc.. at lowes or home depot...
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    Repairing screen hole

    then there is the good old hot glue gun. Warning should come with all hot glue guns, purchase will create an addiction, you ill find all kinds of uses for a hot glue gun once you own one and use it one time.
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    Considering getting out of the reptile hobby.

    I can totally understand, there are many animals/reptiles I would love to keep but have narrowed my collection down to lower maintenance species. I love cham's, uri's, leachies, and tree monitors, i had wanted to have at least one of each but in the end had to dial it back. Raising our daughter...
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    new bearded dragon

    no reds YET, mostly oranges/yellows I hope to have some stunning dragons from this pairing. They had a make out session the other day. Both are 100% het trans she is a rainbow tiger (has some greenish down her back, that is not an illusion) and he is a orangish/yellow citrus. I had some...
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    new bearded dragon

    Male Dunner, 100% het Hypo, 50% het Trans
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    new bearded dragon

    ahh yeah wwd very nice things coming from there. my lil male dunner came from them via jela's in the last import.
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    new bearded dragon

    coolness, do you know who the breeder was? Some nice real red dragons coming out of europe lately, one of the breeders i like to get from just imported a bunch from europe.
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    Bad news about Goliath the Beardie...

    I hate your going thru this, just a cpl things I try to follow when it comes to reptiles: 1. don't buy at shows unless YOU know the breeder is reputible. 2. don't buy anything under 2 months old ever. I know that one is only 2 weeks difference but when they are that young 2 weeks is a big...
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    New Tamatave boy

    She knew you were waiting on her. Lol
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    Just another dragon

    Thanks Laurie, "Fluffy" is just like a puppy. She is very into being out and on my shoulder all the time. Which is np since I have one stack of enclosures beside my desk. So during the day while I am working I try to let them all out and onto the desk to mill about. She will bask a min or...
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