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    Hello Everyone!

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    My new female veiled

    also take out the water bowl too and u really only need one heating lamp you dont wanna over heat the chameleon.and see that a member also posted some links up for u to read up on...and don't for get to post lots of pictures we love that shit.;):D
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    My new female veiled

    take out that green thing.
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    My new baby Jackson

    hella tiny in a big ass...your chameleon is going to love life..:eek:;)
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    Young Rog is getting huge :D

    loving the foto's looks amazing :cool::eek:
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    please please please help

    didn't take the time to read everyone's else comment but you really need to take that bark outta the cage....just a heads up :rolleyes::eek:;)
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    Any quadricornis and/or parsonii keepers here?

    you simply need a beast setup for that species...:rolleyes:
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    Possible burn on my panther :(

    need some better pictures will help use outta better..and we go from there.;):rolleyes:
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    What rainy days and closets are good for...

    ship me everything u have...but nice setup...what type of chameleon species are you trying to put in there...
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    Awsome new cage!!!!

    i'll take a order of three please thank you :rolleyes:
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    Love this blue colour :)

    looks pissed off.;)
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    selling my repti fogger

    hello forum i am trying to sell my repti fogger I only used it for a day it's still brand new there's nothing wrong with it runs great and great condition...trying to find some one our here in LAS VEGAS NV to sell it too asking 35$$$ for it...cause i don't have the money to ship it...
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    WC Ambanja Breeder

    your ambanja going to look sick man keep up the good work :eek:
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    Romeo's Backyard View!

    your panther is still looking lovely loving his colors stay colorfull no homo:D
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    More chameleon art

    sick that all i gotta say...:eek::cool::rolleyes:;)
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