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    Eye Problems

    I've had this problem before. It may be an eye infection, in which case he needs to see the vet. You can try putting him in the shower with luke warm water spraying against the wall so it "mists" on him for about 20 minutes. Could also be a vitamin deficiency... You should fill out the "how to...
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    "Not-So-Official" Name Thread!

    "2-chainz"(favorite rapper) lol
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    Discoloration on Veiled Ch.

    Could be many things including shedding, a burn, a bug bite but no way to know for sure without a pic! should be an option to add a picture! I'm sure others will tell you exactly how!
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    Panther Chameleon eating vines.

    I don't really know what it means.. all I know is my panther did the same thing at around that age and I associated it with him being hungry? I only assume this because I would feed him right after and he would stop. He also may want to chow on some live plants(correct me if I'm wrong) so I...
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    Help panther dropped eggs on floor

    Also how do I know if she's completely done and has no more eggs in her? Thanks
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    Help panther dropped eggs on floor

    Thanks for the responses... She's been eating and drinking fine! And hasn't dropped anymore eggs since last night. I do have a trash bag placed over the front of the cage and it's been there for about a week. I think I'll try a different substrate and put her in a trash can. She is also pooping...
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    Help panther dropped eggs on floor

    This is her first clutch and when I came home this evening I noticed there were nine eggs on the floor! She always sleeps in the same spot which is about 8 inches from the floor so I obviously know she just dropped them from there. I quickly ran for the egg bin and carefully placed the eggs...
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    Help with newborn Jacksons...

    Sorry ive never cared for a baby jacksons... but this may help.. Hope they end up alright!:)
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    Trip to Cali!!!!

    Taking a trip to California this week from Thursday to Sunday. Staying with family and really considering bringing my 5 month old panther. Don't really trust anyone watching him. Its a 5 hour drive from my house, any concerns or recommendations I should take into account? I would be putting...
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    New plant

    Maybe organic cleaner. I would spray it on then just hose it off for 10 min...? Maybe haha
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    Hw many crickets a day?

    10-15 maybe even more... Juveniles eat a lot.
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    super worms

    Super worms would be too large for a baby.
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    Blood in cage and I am worried that my panther may have pooped it!

    well that's good to hear and good to know :)
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    Blood in cage and I am worried that my panther may have pooped it!

    Could be parasites... Sorry to hear about that! If you can fill out the how to ask for help form people will know exactly what to do!!!
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    Can't Tell If My Jackson Is Gravid. Any Thoughts??

    I know they don't lay eggs but you might be able to feel her belly for the baby's looks pretty fat but I can't tell for sure.
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