Trip to Cali!!!!


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Taking a trip to California this week from Thursday to Sunday. Staying with family and really considering bringing my 5 month old panther. Don't really trust anyone watching him. Its a 5 hour drive from my house, any concerns or recommendations I should take into account? I would be putting him in a small box with paper towels and bringing his main cage along with. thanks


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The motion may freak your cham out, maybe not!
You could put him in a dark box, with some padding, and a branch to perch on. He will likely just go to sleep for the whole trip.


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The dark box is probably your best bet, let him sleep.

Make sure you can set him up properly once you get to your destination; if you can do that, he should be alright. Probably a bit stressful to change locations, but he should be okay.

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