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    Butter update

    Not giving up. "She" is not giving up. I had been force feeding him for over a month, showering him twice a week, offering every type of feeder I could think of, but becoming more and more convinced that he was dying. Imagine my shock when he actually ate 2 jumbo silkies ! And ate another...
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    Butter update

    Put Him On A Scale !!??? ARE YOU NUTS ? Butter would stand on a scale about as easily as trying to weigh a full size horse on your bathroom scale. Butter hates everything. Except his cage, and his plants and his own"space". I do "everything" right -- or as right as I know how. I...
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    Butter update

    That's NORMAL ??!! Darned Lizard has been making me insane !!!! I was sure he was dying, and now there he is giving me his "I'm happy, because I hate you and everyone else in the universe" happy look. I"m just so glad he decided to eat again. What I don't get, is how he managed to stay...
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    Butter update

    For the last month, Butter has been on a food strike. I don't know how he still is alive, but I managed every couple days to stuff worms or something in his mouth. a week ago, I gave up. I decided that I would put food in the cage, give him water and appropriate lighting and heat, and if...
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    Help With Butter !!!!

    Thanks for asking. He is about the same. I fed him two big silkies last night. He acts like he is being tortured, but chews and swallows his wormies. I'm soaking the plants more with each misting -- and saw him sip from where the dripper is going....
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    Help With Butter !!!!

    I have his basking lamp on a reiostat (you know a switch that you can change the intensity) and I keep the lamp on whatever I need to keep his basking spot at around the 90 point. I keep his branches a good 8-10" from the top, and he is not one to cling to the roof. Yes, it is uvb 5.0...
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    Help With Butter !!!!

    Cage Info: Cage Type - What kind of cage are you using? What is the size? Screen cage 48x36x36 Lighting - Sunglo florescent tube 5.0; heating/basking light 250 watt Temperature - What temperature range have you created? Basking spot temp at basking is about 90 temp? What is the...
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    How many?

    A (rescue) Great Dane about 9 years old (we are a registered therapy team) Dalmatian 12 years old Mini holland lop bunny Africian Grey Parrot (also a rescue) Veiled Chameleon
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    Still no tounge action

    Butter still hasn't used his tounge to zap anything. I'm still hand feeding him silkies - by picking him up, which pisses him off, he opens his mouth, and I pop a wormie half way in his mouth, which he eats. How long should I keep this up ? His tounge isn't hanging out or anything, his...
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    Butter was VERY sick !!!

    I used an organic potting soil from wal-mart as was suggested on this site. It has not been changed since he has been with me.
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    Butter was VERY sick !!!

    "Dipped in Butter" is my male veiled. I've had him since July, and he was only a couple inches long head to tail when I got him....he has been the picture of health, until Thursday... Thursday morning I went downstairs to turn on his lights and do get him fed, sprayed, and his drip set up...
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    dandelion inside chameleon cage

    I can't think of a reason not to put it in there. I don't use pesticides during the growing season, as I like to grow my veggies and fruit as organic as possible. So I let the dandelions grow in the garden, and pick them for the cham, and for the bunny. I just rinse and serve.
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    Scooter is the name of my parrot. He came to me as a rescue, and came with the name. He knows his name, and uses it...and so do I !!!
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    Do chams bite?

    I take Butter out of his cage now a couple times a week to take him outside to his outdoor condo. I think if I gave him the opportunity to bite me, he would. I catch him by picking him up gently, and then firmly holding his little head so he cant turn and bite. I let him dig his little toes...
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    Where to keep cham

    I keep mine in my livingroom. His cage is in a corner, and has some plants around it, so he is not right in the middle of the room, or where people walk by all the time. Mine is caged, so I don't know about free rangeing.
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