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    quad gracilor head shot

    joshdhensley - what a beautiful boy you have there. If I had to choose a chameleon that most resembles a dinosaur, I think yours would be it. Just to darn cool :cool:
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    Question About Parasite Treatments

    On September 24, 2008 I took my male veiled to the vet and he was treated with Panacur for Coccidia found in his fecal float. I took him back to the vet on October 8, 2008 for his second dose. The vet said that with the two treatments that the parasites would all be killed. I'm sure it did...
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    Cammy has become vicious??

    The point now is to learn as much as you can from the chameleon you lost. Do tons of research, purchase all of the proper cage supplies and supplements and then consider purchasing a new chameleon. It is truly sad that you lost your dear friend, but her loss was not in vain. I wish it wasn't...
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    DIY Potting your Carnivorous pitcher plant

    I live in a small apartment that has been full of those pesky gnats lately. A carnivorous plant sounds like the perfect solution to the problem. Yesterday I did some research online for Venus Flytraps and I know that they require copious amounts of sunlight. My apartment doesn't really get...
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    Tomatoes - Oh Crap!

    Oh, and as far as tomatoes go, I wouldn't even feed them to my iguana. Any food that I can feed to my iguana, I figure is safe to feed my chameleon. I usually don't feed fruits, vegetables or greens to my chameleon directly, but I gut load his crickets with them. According to the Green...
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    Tomatoes - Oh Crap!

    Recently, my male veiled went on hunger strike for the first time (he is about a year old). I was really concerned, so I ordered some silkworms and mealworms. He would eat a few worms here and there (and yes the mealworms were feed about two at a time once a week only). Everyday I would still...
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    Night Time Pictures

    Agnes has some positively brilliant colors showing. What a beautiful little female you have there. Gotta love all that turquoise :).
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    Showing some of his first blues!

    There is a store in West Hills called Pets R Us 2000 (cross streets are Fallbrook Ave. and Saticoy). When hornworms and silkworms are in season, they sell them in the store and you don't have to worry about any shipping charges. I have called around my area and no other store sells any worms...
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    I sure do hope that the suggestion of teaching your chameleon tricks is simply a joke. If so then :D, if not then I am quite worried.
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    Does your cham do this too?

    I love it when all you can see are two eyes poking out from the sides of a branch. They are such cute little buggers, even though they don't find the whole situation very cute.
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    What a handsome little man you have there. I particularly enjoyed the last photo in your first set of photos. He looked really lovely crawling through that hibiscus. Spectacular red beast :D
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    Babysitting Cham-- looks sick

    Around this time last year, I took my 2-3 month old male veiled to the vet for a severe case of MBD. I go to a vet in Thosand Oaks, CA. My first trip cost me about $130 for the exam fee, calcium injections, antibiotic injections and the take-home medications (Baytril and NeoCal). I went for a...
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    Look! No Hands!

    I like your avatar too. Your little lady looks like she is a real ham. I wish my veiled was that sweet. He thinks that I am the enemy and is always sure to let me know.
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    One eyed Meller's

    I can't beleive that you lost all of your beloved pets all at once:eek: That must have been very devastating. I would be crushed to loose even just one of my reptile kids. I'm glad that you are once again sharing your life with such a beautiful chameleon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery...
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    Pictures of Witchy and Sancho Today

    Your female veiled is showing some very pretty colors. Lovely little lady you have there :)
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