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  1. patrolling the territory

    patrolling the territory

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    What can be done about mouth rot?

    We have 12 8-month old panthers. The mother and father passed away. The mother had mouth rot and other medical problems. Now, all the offspring seem to have mouth rot. We have made sure their temperature and humidity is always right, they are in big size cages with nice size plants, they all...
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    Nosy Be Panther Chameleons for sale!

    We have 3 Male Nosy Be Chameleons for sale. They are 6 months old, their sire is T-Wrex and his sire is Wrex and their dam is Ella Dawn whose sire is Elladon who are all are from Kammerflage Kreations. We are asking $400 which includes shipping. To see pictures of them and get our contact...
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    egg incubation medium

    I'm sorry, I should have said egg incubation medium on my other thread, not laying bin medium. My female panther has laid 3 clutches of eggs, the first clutch survived or were fertile, the 2nd clutch didn't make it or were infertile. So, with this one, I want to make sure we are moistening the...
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    Laying medium

    How wet should the vermiculite be to put the eggs in? Is there a way to tell if it's too wet or not wet enough?
  6. T-wex


    My handsome blue boy!
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    Pregnant Sambava Need Help

    Who is the male you bred her to and what is his lineage? And did you get him from Kammerflage as well? If not, where did you get him? Depending on the answer to these questions, my husband and I might be interested in her. We have a male and a female that we bought from Kammerflage and we are...
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    temp & humidity for incubating

    Ok, that helps a lot but what about the actual temperature? What should that be? Do I need a certain type of thermometer to keep in the bin?
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    temp & humidity for incubating

    My panther just laid a clutch of 19 eggs and I have put them in the bin filled with moist vermiculite. About what temperature do I need to keep them at? I live in San Diego, California so it's pretty warm out here right now. Is it possible for them to get too hot?
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    Number of days between laying clutches

    My noseybe panther just laid her first clutch of eggs last night. I know that they usually lay 2 clutches from one breeding. How long will it be before she lays her 2nd clutch? And, if her first clutch is infertile (we are not sure if we mated her when she was still ovulating or not), is it...
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    rinsing sand off eggs

    The problem is that we think the sand is stagnated and we are afraid that the stagnation will transfer into the sterile medium we are putting the eggs into, that's our concern. Any thoughts on that?
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    rinsing sand off eggs

    My female noseybe just laied her eggs in the play sand bin we set up for her last night and we are going to move them to the incubation bin today. Can anyone tell me if it's okay to rinse the sand off them before placing them in the incubation bin?
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    time under the sand

    My female noseybe mated with my male noseybe about 3 weeks ago and she just started digging in the sand, obviously to find a place to lay her eggs. How long is normal for her to stay buried in the sand? And, can she breathe under there?
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    plants that don't need much sunlight

    My male and female panther chameleons both have big cages and the male also free ranges, they are both by windows but unfortunately there are a lot of shade trees and not a lot of sunlight comes through. I buy them large ficus trees but they end of shedding their leaves and dying within a couple...
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    laying infertile eggs

    Thank you for your responses, I appreciate them. Everything you said makes sense and I will definately wait until she is fully developed! And I will make her a bucket of moist play sand also after my husband builds her a bigger cage, which he is going to do in the next week or so...:)
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