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    Interactions and Handling

    Hey guys! I'm back on the scene here with Milton my baby veiled. He's not super super young and tiny like most pet stores have them I got him from a local reptile store where he breeds them. I used to have a Senegal named Pascal who hated being handled it would stress her out and make her...
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    Finally found some worms

    Though I just tried to check out the website and it doesn't appear to be the correct one?
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    Finally found some worms

    I think I'm gonna check it out as well..:D Thanks for the info I will let you know if I come across anyone who has a review!
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    Milton's diet?

    ? Anyone? Just a yes or no if I'm feeding too little or too much? LOL i'm the only post here with no replies :(
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    Questions about sample diet for a chameleon

    I wasn't sure if house flies are safe for them. Is it okay to catch them as they come in the house and feed? Or do you have another method.
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    Milton's diet?

    Hello everyone! I had posted in the other section of this forum about decorations in the cage and what not. I just got my baby veiled on Friday. He's not a little little guy in fact here's a beautiful picture of him haha. He's in an extra large repti-breeze I'm working on the decorations and...
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    Reptisun vs reptiglow?

    The store I work at stocks both....
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    New baby veiled :)

    Thanks Im aware and dont use subtrate with any of my reptiles. I had a chameleon before this one :) thanks for the tips i think id try fishing line before thumb tacks :) i dont use the spiral uvbs and the tube light just seemed like it barely did anything. I will look into less of a wattage it...
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    New baby veiled :)

    Hey guys...I've been around here for awhile but disappeared. I had a Senegal Chameleon named Pascal a few years ago. She lived to be 2 1/2 and passed away sadly. I still don't know what she died from she was fine the night before I woke up in the morning and she was gone. I went for some time...
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    So I contacted Petsmart's corporate office...

    I work at PetSmart as a dog trainer and in my store they seem to be doing well caring for them. We don't have a water bowl but a waterfall in the tank and many vines and things for the little cham to wander around on. We also use cage carpet in our enclosures and no coconut husk.
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    Ficus- Weeping Fig

    Hello, I bought my chameleon a weeping fig(Ficus) the tree is a bit too tall to fit in her cage. Would I be able to trim the tree down to make it fit without killing it? Or (I know this works with certain plants) would I be able to plant one of the smaller branches? would it grow?
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    Woo it's been awhile...added some stuff :)

    Hey guys! I'm Pascal's mom. She's been with me since December 4th of 2010, she is a Senegal Chameleon, she loves attention, she comes out to be held and it seems to brighten her day. :) I haven't been able to get a hold of ficus yet...but when I do she will have some in with her. Right now...
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    My lil' Pascal is shedding for the first time since I got her. :) :) I'm so happy...she's doing so good and looves coming out and being held and exploring.
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    Haha she still does it every morning. There are other ways to get up to the spot she wants to be but she insists on walking on the vine over.
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    Haha yes I did...I had been planning on getting a chameleon long before I saw the movie. XD, and that just pushed m to name at the time what I thought was 'him' that...but I figured the name can work both ways :).
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