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    Tortoise info

    A while back there was a discussion about different types of tortoises. I seem to remember folks talking about using a kid's sand table, some of the "naughty" things Sulcatas do, etc. I've been searching the forum and have found nothing. I'm looking for info on keeping Hermann's...
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    Very Interesting Blog From Dr. Ivan Alfonso

    For me, this was the "last straw", so to speak, on why I will NEVER get anther wc chameleon. I guess that means the chams I have will probably be my last.
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    my parrots <3

    What a nice group you have. I am very much a parrot fan myself.
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    RIP Paul

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Keep your chin up -- get better soon. :)
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    Leaf chameleon not eating..4day

    It's good that they're eating. My recommendation is to put the females together in the larger cage, and the male alone in the smaller one. You probably need more experience with them before you start breeding them. Babies aren't easy to take care of. Good luck! :)
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    Trying to breed

    I have firsthand experience with this kid, so trust me this is no troll. He's 100% for real. Sad, but true.
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    Trying to breed

    And collectively, who would that be, oh brilliant one?
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    Trying to breed

    Do you keep them together now? If so, you should separate them. The constant stress will lead to poor health and earlier death, and they may not breed.
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    Pygmy leaf chameleon

    Depends on the enclosure size, and the individual male. I had 2 males and 5 females in a HUGE enclosure. Each male seemed to have it's own particular female, and I didn't notice any visible signs of stress. I have one male alone. He's very aggressive with both males and females, and bothers...
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    Too much bird for me, but before my husband and I were married he had a Scarlet and a Blue and Gold. The Scarlet died in an unfortunate accident, and the B & G was placed due to aggression. He's fine with his new family now. I have a Bare Eyed Cockatoo, a White Capped Pionus, and a couple...
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    My new setup

    Yeah, I'd pick out what you can. Mix up the soil, then pick some more out. I have a couple here and there in some of my pots, and my chameleon doesn't bother with them. Maybe others would shoot at something that doesn't move, but mine is pretty lazy. BTW, thanks for getting rid of the...
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    My new setup

    My only concern is about the moss. I had a pygmy that had it caught in her throat, but luckily I was there to pull it out. It could have easily gone wrong. I'm not going to b*tch about the soil though, as I think it's better for humidity when using glass. JMO! Also, I'd put more foliage...
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    Trying to breed

    My werner's did have babies -- there were 14 of them. I don't know why they died. That's the thing. If I knew what I did wrong (if anything) I would have bred her again, had I been able to find a male. I heard that werner's babies often have a high mortality rate. I don't know if that is...
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    Death From Above

    So adorable! Thanks for sharing :)
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    Glass Terrarium Reflection Solution

    Leave the walls and doors as is. Just be sure your husbandry is correct, and your enclosure is big enough. You can also read the thread "Why chameleons can't be kept in glass", or something similar. They, in fact, can be kept in glass if it's done correctly. Any other questions, just give...
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