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    1.2 Pygmy Chameleons Wanted, any species

    Just as the title says, I am in search of a 1.2 group of pygs of any of the common three species. Must be able to ship to Oregon. They will inhabit this tank and be very well cared for. Thank you for any tips and leads you may have!
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    Introducing Photon and our other chams!

    The carpet is not WC, he is CBB and chameleonforums user Chameleopatrick has one week old babies from him! :D He is such a sweet little guy. The montanes and smaller species never get enough attention for how charming they are. I can't wait to see Photons adult colors.
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    My Crayola Chameleon- Genmaicha Through the Years

    Jann, I've considered adding a very small amount of liquid glucosamine/chondroitin to his feeders' gutload mix. I haven't been keeping up on the hobby and what people are up to, but has anyone tried joint support with their reptiles that you know of? I'm going to do some digging and find out...
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    My Crayola Chameleon- Genmaicha Through the Years

    Hi. It's been a while. I have one old man panther left, my favorite dude, Genmaicha. He is over five now for sure. He lives in my backyard during the summer and begs food from guests every chance he gets. He is easy going and puppy-like at times. He also has had an amazing array of colors...
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    Adoption in western washington

    PM sent, I will be driving through Washington next Tuesday to pick up a juvi panther from the Gesangs. Maybe I could snag this little guy on the way? I have carpet experience and a spare cage ready to go!
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    Are there any other tarantula people?

    I have a fairly large but still young CBB Chilean Rose and a young A. versicolor sling that just moulted today! She/he gets bluer every time I look. Moderator/user Trace has a few big hairy spiders, if I recall.
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    Is my panther a vegetarian, or just conservative?

    I gotcha, I actually do the same thing at times, especially if I am trying to multi-task and speak. It can be kind of hilarious and embarrassing. I had never heard hornworms referred to as "green anal hornworms" but I understand why they would be called such. Are you going to try offering...
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    little bummed but excited too!!

    As far as personality differences, all of my boys have been lazy, pudgy, loveable sucks and the girls have been aggressive, fussy, pissy terrors. The exception was that girls of montane species were all as nice as the boys though a bit shy as all montanes kind of are (other than Jacksons...
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    Is my panther a vegetarian, or just conservative?

    Your chameleon is young and probably just checking out stuff in his environment. You should prune any dead leaves out of the cage daily so that he doesn't have the chance to eat them. If he really wants to eat the plant, he can have the fresh leaves and that is fine. You could also try...
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    Provide Seasonal Changes?

    My house gets naturally darker and cooler during winter so the temperature adjustment takes care of itself. The timer is changed around as I see them putting themselves to bed earlier/later. My chams are put outside on nice days and I think that helps them adjust to the seasons as well...
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    Who hand sprays???

    I hand spray several times a day and shower my chams once a week. In summer, they also get drippers while outside basking.
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    Does anyone on here have horses?

    I started leasing Bishop today. He is my first horse. He is a Trakehner/Arabian and is 6 years old. He is such a sweetheart.
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    Any bully breed owners around here??

    Oh yeah, I know, I just want to clarify for anyone reading this thread and not knowing. I try not to use confusing terms that happen to be the same ones the media uses to perpetuate BSL and discrimination against bully breed dogs. If anyone is interested, this is an interesting documentary...
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    Any bully breed owners around here??

    Interesting about the Bostons being a result of a weight limit. Modern Bostons are definitely a result of the show ring, as demonstrated by their small size, bugged eyes and hyper brachial faces. Your typical modern "showbred" boston would be useless as a working dog. Also, no dog can...
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    Any bully breed owners around here??

    Actually, "bluenose" and "rednose" is a gimmick used by backyard breeders to make their ill bred pits seem special. Also temperament has EVERYTHING to do with a specific breed of dog. I don't consider boxers terribly characteristic of a bully breed because modern boxers lack the drive and...
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